Tony Blair on the Late Show With David Letterman

Tony Blair on the Late Show With David Letterman

Tony Blair was interviewed on the Late Show With David Letterman this week. His appearance gave the Late Show some more coverage in the UK press, including national newspaper the Daily Mail and London newspaper Metro.

The former British prime minister visited the Late Show on Tuesday and discussed what he’s been doing since leaving Downing Street – including the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, the work he’s been undertaking as a Middle East envoy and the lectures he’s given – as well as his time as British prime minister and the decisions he had to make, with regards to the Iraq war and how the world changed after the 9/11 attacks in New York (of which it was the 8th year anniversary of the attacks this week).

He made a comment about his son Leo when Dave asked him if he was his – Tony said “That’s what my wife tells me. I believe her”. He also told a story about how somebody at a Northern Ireland conference managed to get a bit of cash by finding out what he was going to call his son Leo when Cherie was pregnant.

Video clip of that story;

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