Letterman leads ratings with Obama interview

Letterman leads ratings with Obama interview

The Barack Obama episode of the Late Show With David Letterman on Monday night received phenomenal ratings.

TV Guide says “Letterman topped The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien by a whopping 195 percent. The last time he had numbers that high was when Oprah Winfrey visited in 2005” and The New York Times report “President Obama lifted David Letterman to his most-watched “Late Show” in four years, with a total of 7.218 million viewers… Mr. O’Brien wound up with 2.44 million viewers, his second-lowest total to date”.

The New York Times also say it helped the viewing figures for the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson which followed on CBS after the Late Show episode – “Mr. Ferguson attracted his biggest audience ever, with 3.24 million viewers”.

TV Guide – “Take That, Conan! Obama Gives Letterman Huge Ratings Boost”
The New York Times – “Obama Leads Letterman to Ratings Win”

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