Official news on Diva TV

Official news on Diva TV

We’ve had some official news through from Sparrowhawk Media, who’ll be launching their new channel Diva TV on the 1st October featuring the Late Show With David Letterman. They say they will “be showing episodes anything 2-6 weeks after tx in the US (depending on the delivery of tapes from the distributors)” and they’ll “run shows 5 days a week at 9pm”. Sparrowhawk Media also states “for the time being it will be on Sky only” but they’re “hoping for carriage on Virgin Media in the near future”. The show will air in 4:3 format. The 9pm timeslot sounds fantastic – certainly miles better than ITV2 and ITV4’s late night (early morning) airings – let’s hope they can secure Virgin Media carriage.

4 thoughts on “Official news on Diva TV

  1. But if it keeps costs down they may be able to afford to keep showing it.

  2. Seeing Dave, even a few weeks late, in full, is better than snippets online or none whatsoever.

  3. Although Andrew’s name is being linked to a book about Dickens – I think it’s being inserted by the Amazon software on the blog. Seems like a bug – we’re looking at it.

    Sorry for any confusion.

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