Madonna’s interview on the Late Show

Madonna’s interview on the Late Show

Madonna was a guest on the Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday night. Madonna has been on the show several times, including the infamous appearance in 1994 with her excessive swearing and rudeness towards Dave.

Madonna arrived into the theatre on Wednesday night at the start of the interview being carried by members of the New York Rangers.

In this latest interview she seemed more subdued than in previous appearances and discussed her relationship with US sports star A-Rod, her marriage to Guy Ritchie & whether she’d ever want to remarry (for the record she would “rather get run over by a train”) and her infamous 1994 appearance. She also asked Dave not to call her ‘Madge’ as it makes her sound “boring and middle-aged”.

At the end of the interview – as Madonna said she had never eaten a New York pizza before – Dave and Madonna dined at Angelo’s Pizza next door to the theatre (he whisked her off during the taping and they enjoyed a slice of pizza – without cheese – in front of the crowd who were peering in from outside).

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Highlights from Madonna’s LS appearance;

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