Letterman talks about blackmail case

Letterman talks about blackmail case

David Letterman has spoken more about the extortion plot against him.

On last night’s Late Show he said he “wasn’t going to talk about it anymore but it seems people want to talk about it” and “when you are blackmailed it is a crime and you’re a victim… felony extortion is what it is… it’s a nasty thing to do to people”.

He went on to apologise to any Late Show staffers who might have been subjected to questions from reporters and press. He said “no I’m not having sex with these women – those episodes are in the past”. He also apologised to his new wife Regina Lasko saying how she’s been “horribly hurt” and told the audience “let me tell you folks, I got my work cut out for me”. There was a comical moment when Letterman mentions how Alan’s not sure if he had sex with Dave.

BBC News – “Letterman in TV apology to wife”
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Video clip from last night’s show;

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