Countdown to Diva TV

Countdown to Diva TV

Diva TV is almost here – a few days to go. To mark the upcoming launch of the channel, we’ve had some further information through from Sparrowhawk Media, including an official press release and some information on the TV schedules. The press release states “The Bold And The Beautiful, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Judge Hatchett, The Late Show With David Letterman, Style By Jury, I Can’t Believe I Wore That, Fighting Fat, Yoga TV, The Secret Lives Of Women, Kid’s Healthworks, Making It Big and Raise My Kids are just some of the shows making their debut on Diva TV” and “The channel goes on air at noon on Monday 1st October 2007”. The press release also announces Diva TV will be on Sky channel 282. Notable bits and pieces from the midweek evening schedules include; The Oprah Winfrey Show at 4pm during the week, Rachael Ray at 5.30pm weekday evenings and the Late Show With David Letterman at 9pm weeknights.

Also, in a nice surprise, the Late Show With David Letterman will also air on Saturdays and Sundays at 11pm, which will be a pick of two shows from the previous week (like CNBC do with The Tonight Show and Late Night on their channel on weekends). Each Late Show timeslot is an hour long, so it appears it will be aired uncut, which is great news. No news of Virgin Media carriage yet.

Attachment: Diva TV Press Release

8 thoughts on “Countdown to Diva TV

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted about the return of Letterman; I’m sure I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. Really looking forward to having it back on tonight.

  2. Have been a fan of “The Bold and the Beautiful” for years and was delighted to hear it was coming back on Diva TV. You can imagine how frustrated I was to hear it was only on Sky and I have Virgin. I phoned Virgin and was told they hoped to be connected soon. If possible, do you know the date or if it will not be for some time? Thanking you in anticipation.

  3. Diva TV are hoping to be on cable soon, but there’s no set date yet I’m afraid. I’m also on cable – I really want to see Diva TV as well.

  4. Waited patiently for Diva TV to begin on Virgin Media on 16th October-channel 192 as stated on another Diva site but, as yet, it has not begun. Can you please tell me if this date and channel are wrong and if a new date has been given as I am really looking forward to seeing “The Bold & The Beautiful” again? Many thanks,

  5. Unfortunately we don’t have any further information on the Virgin Media carriage at the moment. As soon as we hear anything from Diva TV we’ll let you know.

  6. Wikipedia changed the start date of Diva TV on Virgin from Oct 16 to 18…I am waiting for it as well cause I miss the shows from the U.S. It is the 18th but still have not started…is this due to Virgin Media or Diva TV??? Is there someone to call to find out the definite start date?

  7. At Last!!!! Diva TV started this morning (23rd. Oct.)on Virgin Media, channel 192. Can’t wait to begin watching “The Bold & The Beautiful” again.

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