Diva TV has arrived

Diva TV has arrived

Diva TV has launched on Sky channel 282 today. The channel launched at midday and the official Diva TV website is now partially available at www.divatv.co.uk (full listings are now available here). There is a fantastic promo video (link at the bottom of this post) advertising the new channel – from the official Diva TV website (featuring the Late Show, of course). Some of you may have noticed we have the “Upcoming Shows” box at the top right of the sidebar now – this will give the 3 most recent upcoming Late Show episodes for Diva TV (including the weekend reruns). The Late Show airs at 9pm Monday-Friday on Diva TV, and reruns on Saturdays and Sundays at 11pm. All shows are unedited and contain all the intros and outros (the break bumpers of the New York cityscapes, etc) – which is fantastic.

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4 thoughts on “Diva TV has arrived

  1. Hi,
    Can’t believe Dave’s finally back on UK TV again on a new channel on Sky!
    I’ve seen the show audience live in NYC twice since I started watching many, many years ago when he used to be on Sky One. Its about time he’s returned after being bumped around on countless channels – I hope he’s here to stay for a while now.
    It would be great if in the future they’d air the Late show in all its HD format as its been shown in the States for some time now.
    Keep up the excellent work Dave!

    Dave Willetts
    West Mids

  2. Great to have it back — but a shame the shows are so far out of date. At least ITV showed them the on the day following transmission. Is this a cost thing?

    I shall be canvassing Diva to bring transmission forward as soon as their website breaks cover.

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