Diva TV on Virgin Media?

Diva TV on Virgin Media?

In a recent article on media news website Digital Spy, Diva TV have been quoted as saying “We are in mid-negotiations with Virgin Media and all being well we would hope to launch on Virgin Media within the next few weeks, but that is subject to the negotiations being successful. It’s great for us because the Hallmark Channel and the movie channel do really well on cable, so I think this one probably will too”. This is fantastic news as – if the negotiations are successful – this would bring the channel to all Sky and cable customers. Diva TV also speak about the Late Show on the channel – “Letterman and some of the movie shows we’ll be showing late night will be more general rather than specifically for women. I think men will be fully aware that it’s primarily aimed at at women, but we don’t want to exclude men from it”.

Read the full interview on Digital Spy.

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