Jennifer Lopez on the Late Show

Jennifer Lopez on the Late Show

In a rather unique move, Jennifer Lopez is promoting her new album on the Late Show website this week, by allowing people to stream her entire album for free. Jennifer is also a guest on the Late Show tonight (Tuesday 9th). There are also rumours flying around that Ms Lopez will reveal her pregnancy for the first time on the Late Show this evening. Tune in to find out. This edition of the Late Show will air on Diva TV in the coming weeks.

Listen to Jennifer Lopez’s new album on the official Late Show website.

Update 10/10/2007 – It seems Jennifer managed to steer clear of the pregnancy rumours last night. Dave did bring it up during the interview though – “You think you’re prepared to raise a child. But, throw it all away, it’s a whole new game… So the idea of having a family is daunting, isn’t it?” – but she didn’t give anything away.

Read more on the CBS News website.

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