Writers strike begins

Writers strike begins

As previously speculated, the writers strike in the US started today, meaning all late night chat shows are under threat. All chat shows are likely to result to airing reruns at some point this week. We will update you will more information as soon as we have it – at the moment, no reruns are scheduled for this week – but this is very likely to change. It’s not known how long the strike will run for, but it is likely to be ongoing for several weeks.

Update – 5th November (16:31) – Monday’s edition of the Late Show has now been changed to a rerun. They will air a repeat of the ‘Stupid Human Tricks, Whoopi Goldberg, Melissa Etheridge’ show which was first shown on US TV on Thursday 27th September. Other shows for this week (according to the official Late Show website) remain unchanged at the moment (new episodes). More updates as they happen.

Update – 7th November (13:07) – All of the main chat shows have scheduled in reruns for the whole of this week now. The Guest Listings pages will be updated as soon as possible.

Update – 9th November (11:50)Guest Listings have been updated to reflect the reruns. All listings for upcoming weeks have been removed for now as these are expected to be replaced by reruns but nothing is confirmed for sure at the moment.

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