Writers strike – Week 6 begins

Writers strike – Week 6 begins

Week 6 of the WGA writers strike in the US is underway, with no sign of a let up. The Wall Street Journal says “Hollywood is starting to come to terms with the idea that the walkout could drag on well into 2008”. There was some hope the strike wouldn’t enter a sixth week, but the latest talks between the WGA (Writers Guild of America) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers broke down last Friday. A quote on The Wall Street Journal website from Bob Berney of Picturehouse states “For people opening films right now — even the big mainstream films — to not get people on shows like ‘Letterman’ really hurts them”, and The Wall Street Journal says “not having the late-night talk shows to use as film-promotion vehicles has been a handicap for Hollywood”.

All major late night US chat shows remain in reruns, and several are running some quite old reruns (NBC were airing old episodes of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno from the 1990s in past weeks). The Tonight Show episodes come from 2004 (Kelly Ripa, Simon Cowell, Liz Phair), 2005 (Oprah Winfrey, Jamie Oliver, Good Charlotte), 2007 (Conan O’Brien, Venus Ramey, Kings Of Leon), 2003 (Trista Rehn, Lisa Ling, the Ben Taylor Band) and 2006 (Ellen DeGeneres, Fred Willard, Tony Bennett) this week. Tonight’s (Monday) Late Show episode comes from 1998 (Jeff Goldblum, Angelina Jolie, Third Eye Blind). All the other chat shows are airing some old reruns as well as some that are more recent. It’s quite a treat for NBC to air the old episodes again – but it’s a shame CNBC Europe don’t appear to be showing these classic shows. The Late Show from 1998 should be superb as well – here’s hoping CBS schedule more Late Show episodes from the 1990s for the rest of this week.

Update (11th December) – Some more old Late Show reruns have been announced for this week. Tuesday’s rerun is from April 2004 (Janet Jackson, John Mayer), Wednesday’s rerun is from August 2005 (Russell Crowe, Paul Anka). Some reruns for the other chat shows have also now been released – please see the Guest Listings page for guest information in full.

The Wall Street Journal – “After Talks Fail, Writers’ Strike Could Drag On”
Guest Listings – Find out which reruns are airing this week (some are still TBA)

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