Writers strike – Letterman close to a deal?

Writers strike – Letterman close to a deal?

David Letterman looks very close to accepting a deal with the Writers Guild Of America (WGA) – according to The Money Times “David Letterman is currently in the middle of negotiating a deal with the union that would allow his late night show to go on air again from the beginning of January”. The deal would allow Letterman to use writers’ material – and should also mean the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson returns at the same time – because the deal would be with Worldwide Pants who produce both the Late Show and the Late Late Show. The Money Times also reports Jon Stewart is close to working out a similar deal.

The Money Times – “David Letterman Looks to Break WGA Strike Deadlock”

The Hollywood Reporter is also talking about David Letterman’s new proposed deal – “The deal would allow the late-night show to come back on the air with its entire staff, including scribes, intact” – and also says “Worldwide Pants’ individual talks with the WGA might also be a precursor to a new direction in the WGA’s negotiation strategy. The guild has decided to begin approaching AMPTP companies and try to negotiate with them individually”.

The Hollywood Reporter – “Worldwide Pants fit for deal with WGA”

Reuters say “A spokesman for Letterman’s company, WorldWide Pants, noted the company is an independent producer and can sign an interim deal outside the talks between the writers guild and the producers alliance. The company also produces “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” on CBS”.

Reuters – “Hollywood moguls show their unity in strike”

Another website – TV By The Numbers – thinks “that’s great for Dave, great for Dave’s writers, great for Dave’s non-writing staff (assuming that Dave might eventually stop paying them as he has since the beginning of the strike), but very bad for the WGA as a whole”.

TV By The Numbers – “A Separate Letterman Deal is Bad For the WGA”

BBC News – “Letterman’s company, Worldwide Pants – which also makes Scottish comic Craig Ferguson’s US talk show – said that, as an independent producer, it could negotiate with the Writers Guild separately from the AMPTP”.

BBC News – “Studios ‘united’ in Hollywood row”

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