Writers strike – Letterman deal reached

Writers strike – Letterman deal reached

As per the other major late night US chat shows, Letterman will also be returning to the air in January with brand new shows, it has been confirmed. David Letterman has reached a deal with the WGA to allow the Late Show to return, with his normal writing staff. The US writers strike continues – Letterman’s deal is separate. Reuters report “The Writers Guild of America called its pact with Letterman’s production company, WorldWide Pants Inc, a sign of union readiness to negotiate a deal with major film and TV studios to settle Hollywood’s worst labor crisis in 20 years” and they also say “Letterman reached a deal on Friday”. Craig Ferguson’s chat show – the Late Late Show – will also return with their original writing staff intact. Both the Late Show and the Late Late Show are produced by Letterman’s own production company, Worldwide Pants Incorporated, who reached the deal with the WGA last week. There is expected to be new episodes of the Late Show and the Late Late Show on CBS starting this coming Wednesday (2nd January).

NBC chat shows The Tonight Show and Late Night will also return to the air with new shows on the 2nd January. Comedy Central will air new episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report from the 7th January. The Tonight Show, Late Night, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will all return without the writing staff – it is only the Late Show that will return with the full writing team intact, due to the individual deal Letterman has reached with the WGA. Reuters also reveal “among the celebrity guests slated to appear on Letterman’s first show back next week is real estate tycoon turned reality TV star Donald Trump, according to producer Rob Burnett”.

On the Late Show this week;

Monday 31st December – Jim Carrey, Alanis Morissette (Rerun)
Tuesday 1st January – George Clooney, the Decemberists (Rerun)
Wednesday 2nd January – Robin Williams, Lupe Fiasco, a special appearance by Hillary Clinton
Thursday 3rd January – Bill Maher, Ellen Page, the cast of Broadway’s “Young Frankenstein”
Friday 4th January – Donald Trump, Shooter Jennings

On The Tonight Show this week;

Monday 31st December – Justin Timberlake, Masi Oka, Matisyahu (Rerun)
Tuesday 1st January – Will Ferrell, Vince Young, Flipsyde (Rerun)
Wednesday 2nd January – Gov. Mike Huckabee, Chingy
Thursday 3rd January – TBA
Friday 4th January – TBA

On Late Night this week;

Monday 31st December – Pre-empted
Tuesday 1st January – Will Arnett, Terri Crews, Patti Scialfa (Rerun)
Wednesday 2nd January – Bob Saget, Dwayne Perkins, Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding
Thursday 3rd January – TBA
Friday 4th January – TBA

On the Late Late Show this week;

Monday 31st December – Dr. Drew Pinsky, Bob Spitz (Rerun)
Tuesday 1st January – Famke Janssen, Jami Gertz, Chris Botti & Paula Cole (Rerun)
Wednesday 2nd January – No guests on tonight’s show
Thursday 3rd January – Dominic Monaghan, Jason Randal
Friday 4th January – Leonard Nimoy, Lyle Lovett, Dean Edwards

On that positive news, Late Show UK would like to wish you all a very happy new year, and we hope you had a great Christmas.

Reuters – “Letterman to return in deal with striking writers”
BBC News – “Letterman to return with writers”

Post last updated 3rd January 2008.

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