Diva TV – Programme Reminder

Diva TV – Programme Reminder

Diva TV will be airing the first new Late Show of 2008 (the first show since the US writers strike began) tonight at 9pm. This show was originally broadcast on CBS in America on the 2nd January. Diva TV are now exactly two weeks behind US airings – whereas they used to be quite a bit further behind than that (usually three weeks behind the US). The selected weekend reruns continue as normal. Diva TV is available on Virgin Media and Sky Digital.

New Shows

16th Jan – Robin Williams, Shooter Jennings (US airdate 02/01/08)
17th Jan – Bill Maher, Ellen Page, “Young Frankenstein” (US airdate 03/01/08)
18th Jan – Donald Trump, Lupe Fiasco (US airdate 04/01/08)
21st Jan – Tom Hanks, Gov. Mike Huckabee (US airdate 07/01/08)
22nd Jan – Lucy Liu, Alex Roy, MGMT (US airdate 08/01/08)
23rd Jan – Morgan Freeman, Tom Brokaw, Chuck Prophet, Rich Gossage (US airdate 09/01/08)
24th Jan – Howard Stern, Ayo (US airdate 10/01/08)
25th Jan – Tracy Morgan, Kat Von D, Dropkick Murphys (US airdate 11/01/08)

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