New look official Letterman website

New look official Letterman website

A nice new year surprise for us Letterman fans – the official Late Show website has had a complete overhaul – including videos for the monologues (not just audio clips). And all videos are now available in Windows Media Player and RealPlayer – instead of just in RealPlayer. There seems to be a lot of new content on there – not had the chance to go through all of it yet.¬†The CBS Mailbag link appears to have (finally) been removed. Also, it now has a new look Live On Letterman section – with all the best live performances from people on the Late Show. The monologues go back a long way – great archive. The new Late Show website is looking very swish – check it out on the link below – hours of enjoyment. Don’t forget to sign up for Dave’s official¬†“erotic” newsletter on their new look website.

The new look Late Show website –

Dave’s official newsletter –

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