Craig Ferguson tipped to replace Letterman

Craig Ferguson tipped to replace Letterman

The host of the Late Late Show – Craig Ferguson – is rumoured to be top of the list to replace David Letterman on the Late Show when he retires from the CBS talk show in a few years. The Late Late Show – which airs directly after the Late Show With David Letterman on CBS in America and is produced by Letterman’s own production company Worldwide Pants Inc – has been a favourite with late night TV viewers and he recently – briefly – overtook Conan O’Brien in the ratings, beating Late Night With Conan O’Brien’s viewing figures.

Craig Ferguson recently ‘gigged’ at a George W. Bush press event & dinner, which he impressed 3000 people at what The Times say is “the toughest dinner-club comedy gig in the world”. The Times also say “it has put Ferguson… into the front row of contenders to take over the chat show hosted by his CBS stablemate Letterman when the veteran compere bows out gracefully over the next few years”. Scotsman Craig started out as a standup comedian under his alter ego of ‘Bing Hitler’ before he got the Late Late Show gig.

Times Online – “Craig Ferguson ‘may be next Letterman'”

2 thoughts on “Craig Ferguson tipped to replace Letterman

  1. Craig Ferguson is THE BEST comedian & I’m thrilled that he might get Letterman’s show…it will be better than any other late night show. I watch his late, late show every week night…even the re-runs because there’s something so very ‘mischeviously charming & real’ about him. I’m a night owl & he keeps me smiling, laughing & generally entertained…thank goodness…because there’s nothing on at night fit to watch. Craig is a natural comedian & makes a person feel like he’s visiting your home…& he’s far better than Conan. When Jay Leno leaves & Conan takes his place…that’ll be the end of that show ! I sure hope Craig takes David’s place.

  2. and…I forgot to say that he appeals to ALL age groups…I’m 66, my daughter is 44 & grandson is 19.

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