Superbowl of Love

Superbowl of Love

Dave and Oprah reunited last night for the “Superbowl of Love” with an advert in the middle of Superbowl XLI on CBS. The pair appeared in a very short commercial (lasting for ten seconds in total) which showed Dave sitting on the couch eating snacks, and the camera┬ácuts to reveal Oprah Winfrey sitting next to him – and they discuss who should win the Superbowl – the Colts (Dave’s favourite team) or the Bears (Oprah’s favourite team). The commercial ends with the Late Show With David Letterman logo at the bottom of the screen. This was the first time Dave and Oprah have been seen on-screen together (as far as I know) since their Late Show TV reunion in at the start of December 2005 (the Late Show appearance that ended their “non-existent” feud). The commercial will no doubt increase audience figures – the Superbowl is one of the most watched events on US TV every year.

Watch the Superbowl commercial featuring Dave and Oprah;


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