Coldplay’s special encore for Late Show crowd

Coldplay’s special encore for Late Show crowd

As we posted last weekend, Coldplay performed a special Live On Letterman concert for the Late Show in September, and separately performed a track for an episode of the Late Show With David Letterman.

Coldplay seemed to enjoy their time at the Ed Sullivan Theater so much that they refused to leave and gave an impromptu encore performance of Us Against The World for the Late Show audience.

Their roadies were trying to clear the equipment away at the time, but Chris and the band just wanted to carry on and perform. Chris had problems with his microphone so played the encore performance without one.

Contactmusic reports “Slowly everyone joins in on stage. Will realises that Chris has taken the piano stool, so ends up kneeling on the floor. Jonny and Guy have their volume backed almost to off. The whole thing is just a joy to witness. Completely off the script, unplanned and ramshackle, but at the same time completely wonderful. Just the band and the audience sharing the moment”.

They say one of the roadies stated “roadies commence unplugging and switching off and then suddenly Chris is spotted walking back to the stage. Further chaos and pandemonium ensues as it transpires they’re going to do Us Against the World”.

Watch the special encore performance below – recorded by somebody in the Ed Sullivan Theater crowd:

Contactmusic – “Coldplay – Coldplay’s Surprise Encore”

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