Late Show With David Letterman on Diva TV

Late Show With David Letterman on Diva TV

Following our post earlier today about the Late Show With David Letterman being axed from Diva TV Monday-Friday from next week according to the Diva TV website, we now have an update from Diva TV. In an email response Diva TV say;

We have moved Late Show with David Letterman from weeknights, to weekends, as we feel that a lot of the programmes that have been coming through of late from the U.S. have a focus on American guests that our UK audience are not really familiar with, so we have decided as a trial run to broadcast the show at the weekends, but picking the best episodes from the week and therefore choosing the programmes that are more relevant. We are broadcasting The Oprah Winfrey Show double episodes as this is proving very popular with our viewers, but we may cut the episodes back to one in a few months time. We are in the process of making changes and experimenting with the schedule and whilst we are sorry that Late Show with David Letterman has been moved out of the weekday schedule at this stage we cannot say if this is going to be a permanent move or not. Also please feel free to keep in touch with any further questions about the changing schedules from August. I can also confirm that it will remain on the weekends until the end of July.

So it has been confirmed that the Late Show With David Letterman will no longer air on Diva TV from next week onwards (9th June) and will remain a fixture on weekends only – confirmed until at least the end of July. The timeslot for the weekend airings will remain the same as now (10pm). As Diva TV say, the weekend shows will be a pick of the two ‘best’ shows of the week. This will mean the Diva TV airings of the Late Show will follow a similar pattern as what CNBC do with their Late Night With Conan O’Brien broadcasts.

Louise Jones was the Diva TV source for quotes in this post.


8th June 2008 update – The Where To Watch page has now been updated on our website to show the new Diva TV schedules.

7 thoughts on “Late Show With David Letterman on Diva TV

  1. I stumbled upon this site after looking at Diva TV’s site after being cruelly surprised when flicking on 282 and finding Oprah instead of Dave.

    Even my girlfriend got into the routine of watching the Late Show every night. Diva TV don’t seem to get the fact that we aren’t really watching the show for the guests. It’s the comedy, quips and musical guests. Guests are American-centric? “Let’s fix that by having two slots of Oprah Winfrey dross” – at least Dave gives a decent insight into American politics without sugar coating everything.

    It’s pointless having the show at the weekend. Viewers will drop off and eventually it will disappear completely from the schedule. Nice one Diva TV. You want a woman’s only channel? Fair enough. I certainly won’t be watching anything else. Bye, bye 282.



    Bobby Elliott
    Hollies Ltd.

  3. i bought sky tv just to watch david letterman,because i was in the audience in september 2005 when i visited new york.his show is simply brilliant!and will be missed by many uk viewers,thanks alot diva tv for getting rid of one of the best entertainment shows on tv!!!!!!!hopefully another channel will pick up his show.r.i.p diva tv!!

  4. Diva’s reasoning seems a little odd; Dave has championed British talent (Harry Hill and Ricky Gervais, for example) far more than Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray ever have. Once again we’re back to hoping that someone else picks up the Late Show; unfortunately the more the programme is mishandled, first by ITV4 and now divaTV, the less appealing a proposition it seems to other channels. Anyway, here’s hoping.

  5. Please bring back Dave. It’s the only reason we watch your channel! What will I do without the Late show every evening. Opera is an afternoon show anyway!

  6. I also find it hard to understand why no UK channel has picked up David Letterman Show. Its a late night show even over here so it doesnt really affect prime time viewing and for a chat show its far superior in my opinion to any other chat show on UK tv at the moment.

    Lisa Jones from Diva shows just how out of touch she is with UK viewers by her comments about UK viewers not recognising some of the US Guests. With a comment like that Lisa Jones should seriously worry about her current job position within the company.

    I hope some producer picks up on this void in UK tv.


  7. i am very disappointed about david letterman show not being aired on weeknights. i hope that it will be brought back. And the Young and Restless is not appearring on Diva. When will it be back.
    it would also be nice to have more updated Oprah shows. There is no reason to have old repeats on. Bring the shows up to date for viewers.

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