‘Late Show Fun Facts’ book coming later this year

‘Late Show Fun Facts’ book coming later this year

There’s going to be a brand new Late Show Fun Facts book coming out in September featuring the latest facts from the Federal Bureau Of Miscellaneous Information. This will be the first Late Show With David Letterman official book in the last ten years. Fun Facts has been a regular feature on the Late Show for the past few years. Dave always tells us some are fun, some are thought-provoking and others mean nothing.

An official statement on Hyperion Books’ website says “With tons of Fun Facts collected together for the first time, and never-before-heard insights into the elusive Federal Bureau of Miscellaneous Information, this is sure to be a hit for the holiday season”. One of the Fun Facts they pick out is “the first microwave ovens rotated the food but didn’t cook it”. The book is written by David Letterman and the Late Show writers. The PDF on the Hyperion Books’ official website explains in more detail. Late Show Fun Facts is currently available to preorder from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk (current price £7.91), and will be released on the 23rd September in America & the 2nd October in the UK.

Hyperion Books – Fall 2008 releases (PDF – go to page 15 for Late Show Fun Facts)
Late Show UK Store – Preorder the book (just search for Late Show Fun Facts)
Amazon.co.uk – Late Show Fun Facts (preorder today – UK)
Amazon.com – Late Show Fun Facts (preorder today – US)

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