FX UK drops The Colbert Report

FX UK drops The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report is no longer in the FX UK schedules. FX UK’s contract for The Colbert Report was up for renewal on the 1st May this year, so it seems it’s not being renewed.

I’ll try to get the official word from FX themselves and let you know if we have any further news, but at this stage it looks as though it’s been dropped from the channel altogether.

If it has been axed from FX, perhaps it’s the ideal time for More 4 to purchase The Daily Show spin-off, or maybe the newly-launched Comedy Central channel in the UK (formerly Paramount Comedy).

12 thoughts on “FX UK drops The Colbert Report

  1. If they don’t renew the series maybe we’ll be allowed to watch the streaming episodes on the colbert site. Like we can with the daily show in the UK.

  2. Yeah I hope they unlock the website or More 4 pick it up. I love this show, even funnier than the Daily Show. FX just made it impossible to watch regularly by putting it on so late.

  3. Agree 100%, I hope The Colbert Report stays on the UK screens. More4 or Comedy Central are the obvious choices. I went to see it recorded live on the back of them showing it on FX! (highly recommended, by the way)

  4. It is up setting that the Colbert Report has been dropped. Maybe FX should be dropped. I do hope one of the other channels will pick it up. FX still shows it on their website with no comment that it has been dropped. I have been searching. Glad I found this site, at least I know not to waste time with FX anymore. Remember Faux network in USA dropped Family Guy and worshipped Bush. They don’t make good decisions.

  5. I’m a huge fan of Stephen Colbert and the Report and I’m extremely annoyed that FX is no longer showing it when it is the funniest show on TV. How will we in the UK understand what American right-wing nutjobs are actually up to now?

  6. the only reason i ever watched FX was because of the Colbert Report… why the FXXX has it been dropped? he was the best right-wing commentator ever… right on… the Colbert Nation oversea’s community should rise up!

    a tip of the hat to the station who picks up this program… a wag of my finger to FX!

  7. Another huge fan of Colbert here and found this news whilst searching for info as to where it had been these last couple of weeks (I was hoping it was a holiday before his Middle East shows).

    I only watched FX because of this show. Fingers crossed it’s picked up soon.

  8. Guess its back to torrents for colbert, would be sweet to see more four pick this up though, I didn’t like having to wait till half eleven to watch the show.

  9. I just got a V plus box so I could record it (stupid timeslot!) Gutted. It’s so much funnier than the Daily Show. Thank goodness for *cough* other ways it can be viewed. Useful link here: http://www.nofactzone.net/?p=13614

  10. Gutted by this news…i wondered why it wasn’t showing up in my sky plus (i’ve been busy, went into it last week and was at 98%, argh).
    This has to be picked up by another station, i miss being a part of colbert-nation (a gobal nation spanning many landmasses)

  11. Still can’t watch them on the site. I’m shocked this show hasn’t been picked up by another station yet.

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