James Corden broadcasts from a stranger’s house

James Corden broadcasts from a stranger’s house

James Corden tried out a risky experiment on Thursday night’s show – he broadcast the entire show from somebody’s house in the local neighbourhood.

Corden knocked on a couple of doors before he arrived at Tommy’s house who agreed, along with his housemates, that The Late Late Show could invade their home and broadcast that night’s episode from their living room.

Guests on the programme were Jeff Goldblum and Beck, and Rick Schwartz from San Diego Zoo with some of his animal friends.

They even managed to get a comedy bit in during this special show – Corden played Hide And Seek with Beck, Jeff, Reggie and Tommy:

The animal segment was complete gold as well:

Tommy couldn’t believe his luck with Beck’s performance in his house either:

Tommy’s Aussie housemate Jessica posted on Twitter she couldn’t believe what had just happened:

As it’s Los Angeles where everyone is famous (or is trying to be famous) it turns out Tommy is a filmmaker having directed Ella Enchanted starring Anne Hathaway, his housemate Luke is a photographer and his Aussie housemate Jessica is an actress.

Corden and the crew did an amazing job with this episode – it worked brilliantly.

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