Melendez not confirmed for 10pm Leno

Melendez not confirmed for 10pm Leno

John Melendez’s future with Jay Leno when the new 10pm show starts is unclear. The announcer for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno isn’t sure whether he’ll be going to Leno’s new 10pm gig when it launches later this year. John says “after May 29 I get on my knees and pray and hope Jay brings me to the new show… I’m anticipating I’m going with Jay, but there’s no guarantees. A lot of people haven’t been told yet. We’re all just waiting and hoping”.

When asked about the role he plays on The Tonight Show when compared to his old Howard Stern job – “I’ve written a few jokes. A lot of things I’ve written have gotten on the show. I’m not saying my percentages are as great as some of the writers he’s had in the past 17 years, but I’ve gotten a good amount of stuff on. I’m also the warm-up guy for every show. I go out 15 minutes before showtime and get the crowd going, do some jokes, play the guitar, do a couple of comedy songs. I’m hoping at end of day that it helps me get a job with the new show”.

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno finishes at the end of this month, and Conan takes over from June. Jay’s new 10pm NBC show is expected to start later this year.

Las Vegas Sun – “Announcer’s future with Leno unclear”

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