More Tonight Show and Late Night speculation

More Tonight Show and Late Night speculation

Will Leno stay at NBC when he leaves The Tonight Show in 2009? reports NBC are very keen for Jay to stay there for life, and not defect to another TV network. NBC have also started looking for a replacement for Conan’s Late Night slot – but it looks like Jon Stewart might not be getting that, despite previous speculation when he met up with NBC bossesĀ a while back. In another article, they speculate who might be up for the Late Night job – names of which include the likes of Jimmy Fallon, someone from The Daily Show like Stephen Colbert (who now has his own show – The Colbert Report), or Jimmy Kimmel (he already has a show on ABC). Or will they choose someone unknown – like Conan was at the time?

One thought on “More Tonight Show and Late Night speculation

  1. It’s interesting – I think Jimmy Fallon is a good bet. Personally I think Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have always been fantastic guests and could host something like Late Night.

    Sounds like Carson Daly is interested in Late Night, but (and please put me right), I’ve never found it as funny as the other shows.

    I think it’ll be a bit of a shame come 2008/2009. What we’ve enjoyed for 13 years has been amazing – I don’t think Conan will be able to have that edge on Tonight, and being in LA could have an impact too. Leno is a very funny guy who would be missed, and Lettermans contract is up in 2009.

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