Writers strike – The Tonight Show from 1990s next week

Writers strike – The Tonight Show from 1990s next week

NBC have scheduled in some very old episodes of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno to show next week because of the ongoing US writers strike. All the shows next week are from the 1990s. Monday night’s show in the US was first broadcast on the 29th June 1992 and features appearances from Tom Hanks, Brian Ross and Delbert McClinton. Tuesday night’s show originally aired on the 16th December 1993 with guests Julia Roberts, Pierce Brosnan and Geechy Guy. Wednesday’s show first broadcast on the 26th January 2000 and features Matt Damon, Selma Blair and Third Eye Blind. Thursday’s programme comes from the 7th June 1995 with Jennifer Aniston (in her ‘Friends’ era), Peter Jacobsen, Anita Baker and James Ingram. The final show of the week on Friday first aired on the 13th April 1995 and the guests were Johnny Depp, David Hasselhoff (discussing Baywatch, no doubt) and George Wallace.

The other US chat shows will be airing some old reruns as well – but all of those first aired in 2007, so they aren’t that old. These reruns from the 1990s make a nice change – hopefully CNBC Europe will air them as normal on their channel for us British folk. Keep an eye on the CNBC page for The Tonight Show for upcoming schedules on there.

Guest Listings in full

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