CNBC Life starts this weekend

CNBC Life starts this weekend

The new programming block on CNBC Europe called ‘CNBC Life’ will start this weekend (23rd and 24th February). There have been rumours about what this new programming block might include, but it is now confirmed which shows will be part of it, and when the themed block will be on air. say CNBC will air “sports, entertainment, travel and current affairs programmes under the CNBC Life banner between 1pm and 10pm every Saturday and Sunday from February 23”.

In essence, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and Late Night With Conan O’Brien will remain unchanged, as they will still be shown on weekends in their normal 8pm and 8.45pm (UK) timeslots respectively. These will be unedited – whereas the airings of Leno in the week are shortened to fill a 30 minute timeslot. Conan will continue not to air Monday-Friday, and will only be shown in the ‘best of the week’ slot on Saturdays and Sundays (8.45pm UK time). CNBC Life is being marketed as ‘luxury’ programming, including CNBC Sports, travel shows and spending programmes. Listings for this weekend can be found in full on the Radio Times website (free registration required).

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