Jimmy Fallon replaces Leno on CNBC Europe

Jimmy Fallon replaces Leno on CNBC Europe

CNBCCNBC Europe have made changes to their schedules this week, and as of yesterday (1st February) they are no longer airing The Tonight Show With Jay Leno according to the latest TV listings.

Jay Leno’s long-running talk show is replaced by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on CNBC Europe.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon replaces all airings of The Tonight Show on the channel – the 11pm Monday-Friday timeslot (in a cutdown 30-minute timeslot) and the rerun slots on Saturdays & Sundays at 8pm and 8.45pm (full length 45-minute shows).

Fallon’s talk show will air on a one-show delay from NBC like The Tonight Show has done previously.

CNBC Europe have a brand new page for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on their website – click here. Their former page for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno has been removed from the website.

For the latest CNBC Europe TV listings click here to visit The Guardian’s website.

CNBC Europe is available on Sky channel 505 and Virgin Media channel 613.

Click here for our Where To Watch page for further details on how to watch your favourite talk shows.

45 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon replaces Leno on CNBC Europe

  1. What are they doing?
    I want to watch The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, not others. Where can we see it in Europe?

  2. It’s a shame that the Tonight Show with Jay Leno was replaced by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
    The Tonight Show is a Trademark of NBC and the only reason besides the NBC Nightly News why I am paying for CNBC!
    I want Jay Leno back!!!!

  3. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is one of the most entertaining programmes on TV – not just the guests but some fantastic live music. I e-mailed the address as suggested by Paul and was told it would be passed to the relevant department. I suggest we all contact CNBC to try and get Jay back.

  4. What are you guys doing. Many of us subscribe because of the tonight show with J. If you are not bringing him back I and many others will definitely unsubscribe. This is abomination!!

  5. I can’t believe they have taken Jay Leno off. I’ve watched Jay Leno for years – he’s my permanent 11.00pm slot and it’s where I get my USA info frm. He’s terrifice and Jimmy Fallon is not a patch on him. CNBC have lost me as a viewer.

    John from Woking UK

  6. I agree totally; Fallon is a lightweight compared to Jay. Bring back Leno!!!

  7. My wife and I have watched jay Leno every weekend for years and are very disappointed he has been taken off
    We watched jimmy fallon and won’t again
    Bring jay back!!

  8. Please don’t mess with The Jay Leno tonight show,
    Bring it back ,I have watched it for years , I can’t watch Jimmy Fallon ,just is not funny!

  9. i can’t believe my favourite show has been removed from schedules. jay is so amusing and his monologues hilarious. his show enabled me to keep up to date with popular american culture. jimmy fallon’s frat house humour may evolve eventually, but it is nowhere near jay’s easy going style yet. please can we have jay back

  10. Huge shame. I can’t believe it. Why have they done it? Moreover, the way of handling the change — with virtually no notice to viewers, neither ex ante, nor ex post — indicates that CNBC does not really care about its European viewers very much.

  11. If every contributor who is receiving CNBC Europe via Sky rings them up complaining about the removal of Jay Leno, we may get somewhere. A big corporation has far more clout than the individual.
    Personally I am unsubscribing once I arrange a new broadband provider.

  12. How could you do that! This Fallon guy is assinine. Bring back Jay Leno. I will definitely not be watching CNBC at all now until Jay is back. The Fallon show has absolutely nothing compared to Jay, it’s really totally silly.

  13. I agree entirely with those who prefer Jay Leno to Jimmy Fallon. I don’t recall any poll of viewers being taken before the switch was made. The idea of complaining to CNBC Europe is good in theory, but all you get is a mindless automated response – I’ve tried.

  14. Jay Leno and the Nighty News are our only reasons for watching CNBC Europe here in France in the evening! Americans here cannot believe CNBC has taken Jay off the air. Fallon (???) in place of Jay? Terrible decision. Goodbye CNBC…we wil be changing channels in our house.

  15. Bring back Jay. The best chat show and host out of the US. Perfect for the 11pm slot. I get my US perspective from Leno. And he understands our humour. Intelligent Comedy for the over 21s. Who’s in charge of cnbc ? Under 21 obviously.

  16. I was really disappointed. I watched Jimmy Fallon, and it is a poor replacement of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. CNBC Europe, please bring the Tonight Show back.

  17. I’ve been wondering what happened to Jay. I finally got fed up and went looking for answers. As an American living in Scotland, I’m not a happy camper without Jay. Jimmy who?? I simply don’t understand. This guy isn’t funny. And I agree with the comment about Leno and NBC Nightly News being the ONLY programs NBC has worth watching in this neck of the woods. I’m making some phone calls tomorrow. If nothing else, maybe it will make me feel better.

  18. Please bring Jay Leno back – the only reason we have satellite is for his show. I can only imagine that there is some internal political reason for making such an inept and illogical decision to replace a flagship chat show with an inferior product.

  19. we too are disappointed that jay leno is no longer on cnbc, as we always look forward to watching the tonite show on saturdays and sundays. we have now switched to another channel.

  20. Bring Jay back!!! He and the Nightly news are the only reason we watch cnbc in the evening!!! Don’t replace the best with something not as good.

  21. It has to be a money issue or something. I mean they just can’t believe that Jimmy Fallon is a better idea than Jay Leno. It’s just not possible for a big TV-network such as the NBC to not realize this, or is it? They stopped broadcasting Jay Leno in my country (Sweden), just cancelled the show. And when I finally find Leno on cnbc I only get to watch it for two months and they cancel it here too. That just makes me so sad.

  22. What would you expect from a network that replaced Jay with Conan, and then fired Conan to bring Jay back!

    Jay’s jokes on its own network are not without merit. I wonder if he knows about this silly move, it would joke about it, for sure….

  23. I miss Jay!!!!! I made myself to watch Fallon once but it was so boring. I want to watch Jay!

  24. Replacing Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon is something I will never understand. NBC should know better, but as we learned years ago, they thought taking the Tonight Show away from Jay would be a good idea, too! Well, we know all how this worked out :-), Conan didn’t survive and they begged Jay to come back. Gee, do they ever lean at NBC. I am very disappointed, watched the Show for years and now this change! NBC, bring back Jay!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. its ashame………….
    cant belive it……….no information or anything
    they dont give adame about us in Ireland
    we here in Ireland are going through rough times
    and the tonight show was agreat lift

    what ajok

    is there any chance of it ever coming back/?
    if we all call sky cancel our subscriptions or else

  26. Jay Leno is for old people. He should have been off the air years ago. I’m very happy with the change, I love Jimmy Fallon and watch a lot more CNBC now!

  27. Shame on NBC and CNBC, bring back Jay, Irefuse to watch anything on NBC et al, until Jay has returned to Europe.


  29. CNBC is not going to answer our questions and still has not given a reason or listend to us.
    I want them to know that they have lost part of their audience, I, and everybody else I know, will no more watch CNBC.
    If they insist in not listening to the audience and our protests, I will watch Letterman or anything else instead.

  30. I have been watching Jay Leno as far back as 1994 when it was first broadcast in Europe on NBC Super Channel and just love his whacky style of humour.

    I have even travelled from Ireland to Los Angeles twice on holidays in order to get to the Show in Burbank.

    No disrespect to Jimmy Fallon but he is not in the same league as Jay.

    Can somebody in NBC please give the public what it wants instead of giving the public what it thinks the public should get!

  31. We have watched Jay Leno on uk tv for years after seeing his show on American tv on holiday one year. We had no idea where the show had disappeared to until l googled where it had gone. What a terrible way to treat your viewers NBC, we deserve better.

  32. We are VERY DISAPPOINTED with the removal of The Jay Leno Show. Jimmy Fallon is an awful replacement! We have been watching the Jay Leno show here in Monaco for years. We love his intelligent sense of humour. Unfortunately Jimmy Fallon’s show is far to American centred for European audiences. His jokes always require an in depth local knowledge about American sports that have no relevance to European audiences. Jay Leno, was much more international in his commentary and guest line up. Please please bring back Jay Leno to CNBC Europe.

  33. Jay is so much funnier than Jimmy.
    Please bring Jay back even if it is at an unsusual time because I could then record him.

  34. Wow. Can’t believe so many people miss Jay. I personally think he was last funny in about 1999. He just reads lame jokes from a teleprompter and delivers them badly. Each to his own though.

    I’m amazed that so many people above think this is an [C]NBC website and are asking why “you” took him off the air. It was the CNBC channel’s decision, and I’m personally so glad the took it. The Jimmy Fallon show is much more inventive and funny. Give it a chance.

    As for Conan, he’s on a different network now (TBS) so there’s no way CNBC can bring him back.

  35. I agree with the majority – please please can someone, anyone bring Jay back..

  36. It appears from comments there is many fans (like me)of Jay Leno. American late night talk shows have always been given poor airing in the UK. However it does appear to go round in cycles and im sure Jay will return at some point. I can remember it disapearing a few year ago and show up on NBC germany which resulted in a tweak in the old analogue satellite system. J Fallon will be here for a while but im sure it wont be here forever. It would be great if we could have more – Conan O’brien (Irish Residents can get it) -David Letterman who got a raw deal on uk TV – and we have 3 Sky CBS channels and no Craig Fergerson or letterman. Dave L can be viewed via Tivusat (Italian equivalent of freesat). Be Patient Jay will return as there is limited programmes to fill the endless satellite channels
    Late Nite Chat Junkie

  37. Jay Leno – I have watched the tonight show since the days of the OJ Simpson trials. Its a show that keeps my family in touch with what is going on in America. OK he may have very old warm-up routine BUT there is no interviewer like Jay Leno. He does not dig deep into personal matters. His guests feel so comfortable he does not they do not even PUSH their books and films – he beats Mr Ross hands down. He gets the best guests , even presidents. Please CNBC is this a money issue or not. It cannot be a decision about show content. Just watch some of Jay’s interviews and you will see he harms no guests, he does not suck up to them – he just talks to them…nobody else does this

  38. The Jimmy Fallon show is trash compared with Jay Leno.
    Why on earth did the program that everybody wanted to watch get changed to this ‘unfunny’ Jimmy Fallon show?

  39. omg, I love jay leno, no offence to jimmy but I have only seen his prog a few times, BRING BACK JAY!!!!!

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