Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

We now provide Saturday Night Live guest listings and some other details about the programme. Saturday Night Live content is now available on the Guest Listings page and the Where To Watch page. Airdates in Guest Listings are for the US. UK audiences can see Saturday Night Live on ITV4 on a delay, which varies – as do their airtimes, so check your TV listings every week.

13th March Update: Saturday Night Live On ITV4 Is No More

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live

  1. Actually ITV4 haven’t shown SNL since December, and they only ever showed Season 32. However at that point there were only four episodes of Season 33 (due to the strike), so ITV may have been holding back on starting Season 33 until they had more episodes.

  2. Thanks – I think ITV4 still have the rights to air new episodes as and when they decide to, and yes you’re right it’s currently not being shown on ITV4.

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