Stephen Colbert at the annual CBS upfront presentation

Stephen Colbert at the annual CBS upfront presentation

Stephen Colbert and David LettermanStephen Colbert made an appearance at the annual CBS upfront presentation for advertisers at Carnegie Hall in New York last week.

CNN Money report he hit it off with advertisers which is important as that’s where the show’s revenue stream will come from – he said “you advertisers want young eyeballs… and not just the ones Rupert Murdoch buys on the black market”.

Colbert also poked fun at CBS with reference to the number of crime dramas they air saying “most of my show will be me solving murders by zooming in on pubic hairs”.

The Late Late Show’s James Corden was also at the event to try and bolster relations with advertisers and make people aware his show and Colbert’s Late Show will become a complete late night package. James said “I really feel like we have a great opportunity at doing something which is new and fresh and vibrant and wonderful”.

One interesting thing to come from this CBS event is the unveiling of a logo for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, or perhaps just a “first draft” logo for the show – click here to view it. If this does become the final logo it’s interesting they’ve slightly renamed the programme for Colbert as it will now be called The Late Show instead of simply Late Show.

CNN Money – “Stephen Colbert introduces himself to CBS advertisers”

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