Saturday Night Live petition now available

Saturday Night Live petition now available

We’ve started a new petition. This is a petition to show there’s a fanbase for Saturday Night Live in the UK and with a view to get the show back on UK television on Freeview, cable or satellite. Saturday Night Live has been aired on UK television in the past but channels seem to shunt it around the schedules every week. It recently aired on ITV4, but has also appeared on Paramount Comedy in the past.

Especially following the US Elections in 2008, the show gained a huge following in America and continues to do so. Saturday Night Live would be hugly popular in the UK as well, if it was shown on a channel at a reasonable time (ITV4 used to air it at ridiculously late times at night / the early hours of the morning), which was the main reason why no one was watching it – it was on too late.

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