Welcome back

Welcome back


Welcome back to Late Show UK. We’ve been offline since yesterday evening – this was because we have now moved onto our superfast new hosting, so we hope you notice browsing this site is now very quick and stable. We have also bought www.lateshowuk.net – so you can now reach us from either www.lateshowuk.com or www.lateshowuk.net (which redirects to the .com address). If you experience any problems, please send us a message to let us know.

The email newsletters will be sent out tomorrow night, so check your Inbox for yours tomorrow. :) We are still hoping to bring you the weekly show roundups (sorry about the delay getting them started up) – hopefully we’ll start writing roundups¬†for some of the¬†weeks in March. To sign up for the free weekly email newsletters, please go to www.lateshowuk.com/email-newsletters.

Best regards,
The Late Show UK team – James and Paul.

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