Guest Listings:

The way we supply guest listings has been completely overhauled.

Click through to www.lateshowuk.com/guest-listings to see the changes for yourself.

The latest guest listings for your favourite US talk shows are now provided courtesy of The Late Night TV Page – Talk Show Guest Listings and now have their own dedicated page – www.lateshowuk.com/guest-listings-us-talk-shows

This will mean guest listings for US talk shows will now be much more up-to-date than they have been of late.

We will no longer be providing the latest guest listings for Saturday Night Live as this information is freely available on Wikipedia – please click here to see our posting regarding this.

UK & Ireland talk show listings will be brought up-to-date this week – these shows keep their individual sections which are linked to from www.lateshowuk.com/guest-listings as usual.

Other updates:

Biogs has been updated with the current CBS Orchestra band lineup – www.lateshowuk.com/biogs

Links has been updated to include The Late Night TV Page – www.lateshowuk.com/links

Social Networking has been updated – www.lateshowuk.com/social-networking

Petitions has been updated – www.lateshowuk.com/petitions

There have also been some minor updates to other pages.

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