The Week in Late Night

The Week in Late Night

I’ve just watched the last Late Night with Conan O’Brien from the week in San Francisco (here it is in 4 mins 30). Foam orange hair, some great guests, hilarious VT’s and the return of the Chuck Norris lever this has to be one of the funniest weeks of Conan yet. Intel got a plug every night (although they’re quite obviously not as good as Sam Wo’s), and on the last show Conan does a tour of the Intel building. It’s a must see for any fan.

The exclusives continued on Tuesday when Conan managed to book a guest every show is after – the piano playing cat. Pender puts away the laptop (showing, naturally) for a summer crush, and two lucky kids get an audience upgrade. As mentioned in the exclusive news bulletin, someone closer to home has announced their resignation.

Craig Ferguson (originally from Glasgow) isn’t one to miss a good UK story. Here he discusses Newcastle and Tony Blair. (On both occasions I’ve been there it’s been 8.30am in the morning and there wasn’t a lot of drinking going on.)

Equally important is the news that Paris Hilton may be going to jail. Craig picks up on whether jail will do Paris any good, and David Letterman airs a report from NASA on the news that the brightest star yet has been found, along with the dimmest one.

Although, if you really want analysis on the big UK news of the week, go no further than Jon Stewart. John Oliver was even back on College Green for some reporting with a somewhat Russell Brand feel to it.

That’s all for now. I do realise there’s a show each yet to go out today, and I couldn’t find any Dave videos – shout in the comments if I missed something good!

Cheers – James

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