Late Show Miscellany Update

Late Show Miscellany Update

So – Paris Hilton is in jail. I’m racking my brains to remember all the things Dave and Paul called it when Martha Stewart went away. No word yet on whether Dave and Paul are taking a van cross country to pick her up when she’s released. The Late Show website lists Nicole Richie as being a guest on Wednesday.

Over in LA Jay Leno is celebrating 15 years in Late Night TV. There are a few clips on YouTube, and although I don’t often catch The Tonight Show, some of these are pretty funny. Link: The Tonight Show: The Audience Wants to Know.

If you’re interested in all the Late NIght shows and US TV in general, you’ll be doing yourself a favour if you listen out for Cash Peters’ US TV Round-up on BBC Radio Five Live. He’s been on Capital and other stations for a while now, and is on for 20 minutes every Wednesday morning. I mean real morning – 2.40am. Fortunately there’s a direct link for listen again. Last week he discussed Leno’s 15th Anniversary, and Letterman and Craig Ferguson often pop up as topics of conversation. Link: Up All Night (scroll to Weds and click listen alongside TV Round Up).

Hope that keeps you busy for a few minutes whilst all the shows start again after a week off.


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