Late Show Miscellany Update #2

Late Show Miscellany Update #2

Can you remember back to Monday? The week has gone pretty quick, but a certain new logo was released. Given all manor of descriptions unrepeatable here, the new London 2012 logo caused some controversy. Jon Stewart picked up on it on the Daily Show.

There’s less clips about this week of all the shows, and none at all from Craig Ferguson. Which is a shame, considering the big news this week is Paris Hilton. Oh wait, I mean this Paris Hilton.

Fortunately David Letterman was able to get a link on the big CBS satellite with the LA County Jail. On Wednesday it was time to ask Nicole Richie, who will be facing similar charges this summer of her thoughts on jail. As proved by the MTV Awards at the weekend, just mentioning Paris Hilton and jail illicits a huge audience reaction. Just see this Conan clip for proof.

Remember the Street View we mentioned a while back? Lewis Black gets something off his chest about it. Whilst we’re still holding out on the BBC HD Freeview service between 2am and 6am, many US shows have been airing in HD for a while. Just look how different news “anger” Brian Williams looks here. And if all this Paris news is too much, relax with some headlines from Leno and share a drink with Conan at Joe’s place.

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