Tip: RSS Feeds by Category

Tip: RSS Feeds by Category

A really quick post – did you know you can get RSS feeds for each category here on the blog? All you need to do is add feed on the end of a URL, for example;


Add that to your RSS reader, and get all the posts made to the Late Show category. RSS is fantastic and we’re working hard to bring more feeds to the site and making them easier to find. If there’s a feed you want, please leave a comment on this post or contact us. A great feed reader is Google Reader.

Update: There’s now an even quicker way to subscribe to our main feed. In Internet Explorer, click the feed icon in the toolbar. In Firefox, click the feed icon in the address bar. In Safari, click the RSS icon in the address bar. This feed contains all posts.

RSS Read more about RSS feeds on our page here.

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