Late Show With David Letterman returns to UK TV

Late Show With David Letterman returns to UK TV

Updated 28/07/2007 – A posting by Credit Broadcast Magazine reveals a new channel from Sparrowhawk Media (who own and run the Hallmark channel) will be showing the Late Show With David Letterman when it launches in the UK later this year. The channel will be called Diva TV and will be initially available on Sky. The channel launches on the 1st October. This is fantastic news for Letterman fans in the UK, as it means those with Sky can easily watch the show every night – providing they put it on at a regular timeslot at an earlier time than ITV4 did. It’s not clear whether Diva TV will launch on other platforms – such as cable platform, Virgin Media – but we certainly hope it does. In addition to the Late Show, Diva TV have also acquired the rights for the Oprah Winfrey Show and Rachael Ray (also both from CBS). Diva TV is going to be aimed towards female viewers, so we’re not sure how well the Late Show will fit into the schedules – but it’s great news to have him back on UK TV. More news on this as and when it’s released.

2 thoughts on “Late Show With David Letterman returns to UK TV

  1. In the Broadcast teaser they mention CBS talk shows, so could be the Late Late Show (too).

    It’s interesting. I remember when ITV4 launched with the show as part of a mens line up – they took it off ITV2 which I’d have said is pitched at a very similar audience to Diva.

    It’s not ITV4 or five US, so won’t be on Freeview, but it could rebuild a following. Hallmark tend to leave shows intact (see L&O intro and titles, for example), which could be interesting in comparison to ITV. However, I don’t think any of Hallmark’s output comes off a satellite like the Late Show does (although of course their playout or ingest facilities might have that available), and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a delay – like there is with Ellen.

    And on the Sky deal – it’s Sky Media who sell advertising space on the channels, and have done with Hallmark since it launched.

    I’m not sure that it’d be on cable, although I think if they’re doing acquisitions like this it’d have a wider appeal than something like Movies 24.

  2. Thank God. I have been waiting for this news (and indeed, have checked this website every day for motnhs to read it). Can’t wait to see Dave again. The web site just isn’t enough.

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