Late Night with Conan – 6th Dec

Late Night with Conan – 6th Dec

Rob Lowe, Rashida Jones, Drake Bell

Hadn’t seen Late Night in a week or two now so tuned in to have a look. What a fantastic show. After the monologue, Conan explained about a sketch they did which included a Manatee in front of a webcam to the Divinyls I Touch Myself, then cutting to Pender to see him watching it on a laptop. Conan said “” at the end, although it wasn’t in the script. Later he gets a call from NBC who say they have to buy the domain – apparantly it’s the law. So, for $159 over ten years NBC owns “”. Not wanting it to go to waste, they put a website together.

You can send your horny Manatee pictures and stories to Some of the ones received are absolutely brilliant – it’s well worth checking out.

Later on we saw the return of the ghost from the 30’s, who used to sing in the studio when it was used for radio. Only there for three of his songs though, and a special one about the Irish at Christmas.

Rob Lowe (Austin Powers) was brilliantly funny, talking about his recent work on the London stage. Conan’s usual British impressions out the way and Rob detailed the habits of the audience, especially one couple in the Queen’s Box. Rashida Jones (The Office) had some warming stories about her father, Quincy Jones, and one not so warming about putting something nasty in Rob Lowe’s shoe on the way to the Oscars.

Drake Bell finished the show with a track from his new album.

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