The Daily Show Global Edition: W/C 11th Dec

The Daily Show Global Edition: W/C 11th Dec

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I sometimes find the Global Edition a bit hit and miss – but this weeks was easily the funniest I’ve ever seen.

It starts with Florida’s Seminole Indians and their purchase of the Hard Rock chain of restaurants. A clip is run of one of the tribe hoping to buy back New York one burger at a time. Jon asks whether they know you can’t buy things with burgers – we use money. Would the band Korn have their name changed to Maize?

Goodness gracious. On his departure, Don with the Wind, Donald Rumsfeld littered his speech with 50’s phrases. Hard, grilling questions, such as the books you read in office were asked of the audience attending. In an interview with Hannity of Fox News we learn that he “skimmed” the Iraq Study Group report. Rumsfeld explained how the whole country wasn’t on fire, and things looked ok from the air. Cue Aasif Mandvi, to explain that yes – Iraq is a big country and not all of it is on fire. From 20 feet up, things are a little better. Get to a mile and it really isn’t at all bad. It’s the ground there’s a problem with.

Followed a look at Al Jazeera English with Samantha Bee. The spokesperson from AJE started to explain about quality journalism when Sam interrupts, “but you’re broadcasting to America”. Sam goes on a tour around the Washington studio and starts to look at the content, graphics and music. Apparently the music wasn’t good enough and there weren’t enough graphics, so a rebuild from the ground up is in order. Although would it be worth it, with “Al Ja-zero” viewers? US Cable companies haven’t taken the channel.

The new AJE starts with a title sequence featuring plenty of gradients, the Statue of Liberty, the Hollywood sign, the US flag, the McDonalds symbol and Bart Simpson among things. The graphics are slightly obvious in their influence, with weather, tickers, a LIVE logo and so on. The new music is composed on a keyboard (with a nice dance and explanation) to stunned, stunned looks from AJE staff. Sam says how the music is the sound of people working, and asks if something bad is going to happen? A button is pushed and yes, something bad is going to happen.

One of the anchors names isn’t quite right, so is changed to Peppermint Gomez, and the autocue loaded with “Anyhooo” between stories. It was impressive to see that AJE let them do it in their studio and go along with things.

It’s up on YouTube and well worth a look.

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