Late Night: Ethan Hawke, Jim Gaffigan

Late Night: Ethan Hawke, Jim Gaffigan

Not sure what’s going on with CNBC Europe’s scheduling, but this was the show aired last night.

A special thanksgiving show started with Max going down to Conan’s office and asking if he’d like to get some thanksgiving dinner with him from the conference room. The smiles disappear within seconds of leaving the office as they take the long walk down there, not talking on the way. Once in the conference room some polystyrene takeaway containers are used to pick up dinner around the table. What follows is one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen Conan and Max do as they throw food carelessly in to the containers, including Coke cans and all.

By the end of the table some of the food had fallen out and as they passed the bin it was all dumped. Max looked at his Diet Pepsi before throwing it across the room and dumping the food, whilst Conan binned his dinner, picked up a can of Coke, then instantly threw it casually in the rubbish.

Some interesting photos of what celebrities are doing on Thanksgiving included Laura Bush reading a story to George, and to boo’s before it was even shown in full, Mel Gibson holding a football.

Ethan Hawke spoke about his time working for Burger King where he explained, to Conan’s horror, that the grilled burgers are actually frozen, chipped off the pile, microwaved and put in a gizmo that burns in the “grill” marks. It would have been perfect for that guy to say “No, no, no! That can’t be! There’s no reason to live!” and ultimately disappear in a kayak or choo-choo.

Continuing the food theme Jim Gaffigan spoke about healthy eating, and that if something comes in a bucket portion it might not be too good for you. A trough of swill and a silo of Pepsi anyone? Jim had also brought with him the latest installment of Pale Force which was a brilliant and accurate portrayal of Conan as always.

Conan slips standing next to a time machine and is taken back to 17th Century England where his paleness goes down well. It’s soon to slip him up as he’s thrown in the tower. “You’ll be skin and bones and soaking in your own urine before you get out of here” the guards tell him. Sadly, he already was. Cue Conan with head in hands on desk.

Musical guest Brand New Heavies did a blinding performance from their new album Get Used to It.

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