Writers strike – Strike leaders vote in favour of deal

Writers strike – Strike leaders vote in favour of deal

A brief update on the US writers strike from BBC News – “Leaders of striking US film and TV writers have voted in favour of a deal that will end their three-month strike” and the BBC add “union rank and file members are now set to ratify the decision in a vote on Tuesday, after which they are expected to return to work”. Read more on the BBC News website.

Update: Media website Digital Spy also have some news on the deal – “There will now be ballots to approve the agreement in Los Angeles and New York on Tuesday. Members will be notified of the result as late as midnight PST. If, as is strongly expected, it is positive they will be able to work the next day” but they also say “after Tuesday’s ballots there will be a postal vote by members which could take 10 to 12 days to complete”. Watch this space.

BBC News – “Writers’ leaders back strike deal”
Digital Spy – “Writers could return on Wednesday”

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